Instructions - SkyMap for Windows 8

SkyMap was released on Windows 8 store. It can be installed for free on any Windows 8 PC or tablet.

Here are a few instructions:
- activate point to sky by pointing the tablet above your head (start the motion from under the horizon line)
- compass sensor on some Windows8 tablets are not very accurate - we hope they'll be fixed by future driver updates; the sensor can be calibrated by switching the tablet from portrait to landscape mode
- use Windows search and settings charms on sidebar interface to get more from SkyMap app (swipe from right side of the screen or move the mouse there)
- click on a sky object to get details and click further on wikipedia link (for some of them)

SkyMap Free for Windows 8 can be found here: SkyMap Free for Windows 8


Sky Map updated to version 2

The latest update brings a completely new and modern graphics experience: a simulated virtual reality display of the night sky using a realistic Milky Way background and over 70 famous constellations drawings based on Johannes Hevelius’s work.

Click here for more details.

SkyMap 2 for Windows Phone